Work with me. Help fund me.

I had intended the travel to Japan via the Trans Siberian Express however I’ve had to amend my plans due to funding and changing jobs. However I still intend to travel, but I’ll have to first conquer my fear of flying…

Why am I doing it?

– Firstly to  inspire transplant and diabetic patients both here in the UK and Japan,and show them anything as possible. As someone who has kidney and diabetes issues since the age of 25, I’ve been greatly inspired by people like Jonah Lomu and Joost  van der Westhuizen, who took on their  medical issues and faced them head on, inspiring a new generation to tackle their  illnesses with pride, courage and a smile.

While in Japan I want to visit kidney and diabetic patients, to promote courage and show  the glass ceiling can  be smashed if you dare to dream. I want to see closer relationships with patients from the UK and Japan, which will include a greater understanding on the treatment of patients in both countries, sharing coping strategies and diet advice. Information on this growing relationship will be posted on this blog and shared in various diabetic and kidney forums.

I’ve been a transplant patient for over 10 years and diabetic for around 4 months. The one thing I notice when I visit the clinics I’m always the youngest person in the place! It seems anyone under 45 never gets ill…but I know they do. I want to inspire that young group to travel and achieve their dreams, not hide away and let their illness take over

– Secondly  I plan to highlight  the unique needs of disabled travellers, not just in the UK but around the world. The trip will take place during the Rugby World Cup, which I will attend and hopefully shine a like on how Japan and the RWC organisers plan and implement support for disabled travellers at major global events.

– Lastly, I intend to hold an exhibition and develop an online gallery of my travel photography to share my experiences and highlight the issues that face dialysis and diabetic patients in Japan and disabled travellers.

Any funds raised from the exhibitions or left over from corporate sponsorship will be donated to the Kidney Patient Association.

How much financial corporate support do I need to secure the trip and resulting activities?

I’ve secured £3000 to assist with my trip, however I have costed out the trip and I require a further £3500 to make the trip and exhibition possible.

How will your company benefit from supporting me?

As a marketing and events manager with  over 20 years experience,  I believe any company supporting my endeavours will truly benefit from excellent regional, national and online press coverage.

Maybe your company  is involved in the travel industry and therefore you can use my blogs and photography in your  marketing materials. If  you have products that assist worldwide  travellers I can deliver excellent product reviews, whilst hoteliers could be offered a unique review of their  premises in Paris, Moscow or Japan.

I am also looking for a company to support me who run fearless flying courses…I’m your best case study, crack me and I’ll write up a case study showing how your business changed my life.

Whatever your business, I’m sure we can work together and develop a plan that ensures your company achieves excellent ROI and positive PR in return for your support.

If you wish to speak further about possible colloborations, product reviews or business support, then please contact me at to arrange a conference call. 

I have also set up a GoFundMe page, where you can donate funds to help the trip, simply click here to donate. 

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